Vanuatu Forex License

Launch A Fully Licensed FX Brokerage in Less Than 2-3 Months

Reasonable set up fees combined with a relatively short processing time are just a couple reasons that Vanuatu is an optimal jurisdiction for obtaining a forex license. Due to our industry expertise and experience, King Terry Consulting is an excellent partner for your broker’s forex regulation needs in Vanuatu.

Why Consider a Vanuatu Forex License?

VFSC – Introduction

Cost effectiveness and set up speed are a couple reasons to consider a forex license in Vanuatu.Financial Services Commission of Vanuatu was founded in 1993, governing and overseeing all financial licensee of Vanuatu. With support from the Vanuatu government, Vanuatu has quickly risen as one of the most prominent offshore hubs for financial institutions.

Financial Jurisdiction - Introduction

Many financial institutions find the derivative/FX licensing under the jurisdiction of Vanuatu to be very appealing as licensee under the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) are able to enjoy taxation incentives. Vanuatu does not impose any tax on income, capital gains as well as inheritance. In addition to the taxation benefits, the application and approval timeline for the derivative or FX license under VFSC is within 2 – 3 months.

Why Choose VFSC

Vanuatu utilizes an open market economic system with no taxation on capital gains. Vanuatu also has no restriction with regards to capital control.
Local entity set up and maintenance cost relatively cheaper in relation to other jurisdictions, also governed by local law.
Application time of 2 – 3 months.
Capital Requirement of licensee at 50,000 USD.
Renown FX brokers in the world currently have an entity regulated under VFSC.
Vendors and other providers acknowledge licensee under VFSC.

Advantages of VFSC

Derivative/FX licensing under VFSC is governed and support by Vanuatu government legislation.
Global standards for financial entities have set obtaining a financial licensing as prerequisite before any business practice.
Allowance of setting up offshore bank accounts to undertake international transactions.
Increase confidence of end users as licensee information can be readily provided while being governed by laws and legislation under Vanuatu.
Example of licensed entity under VFSC: Juno Markets, GTC Forex, FX Primus
Licensee have flexibility on products /services being offered, such as remittance, payment, spot FX, commodities, securities and financial consultation.
Application procedure is simple and cost effective. Local entity requirement as well as structure requirement easy to fulfil. Company’s decision making team can be based aboard outside of Vanuatu.
One stop service in protecting company registration information and documentsare treated with highestconfidentiality.

To learn more about setting up a forex license and registering a company in Vanuatu, contact us today.