Features of Samoa Company:

01. Companies can be incorporated within one day.

02. Accepted by bank account opening by most international banks.

03. Company registration may be for periods of one, five, ten or twenty years in advance, with discounted fees.

04. An international company is not required to have a share capital (“Creditor Controlled” companies).

05. Chinese character names may be registered.

06. Chinese character memorandum and articles of association may be filed.

07. There is no minimum share capital requirement or capital duty on share capital.

08. Redemption of shares and reductions of capital can be affected simply and quickly and without the necessity of a court order.

09. A company may finance the purchase of its own shares.

10. A company may repurchase and cancel its own shares.

11. Annual returns do not have to be filed.

12. Particulars of directors and secretaries do not have to be filed.

13. Accounts do not have to be filed.

14. Provision can be made for alteration of the memorandum and articles of association by directors’ resolution.

15. Meetings may be held by telephone, closed circuit television or other audio or audio-visual means.

16. An international company need not have directors resident in Samoa.

17. The Companies office is subject to strict confidentiality provisions.

18. Companies can be redomiciled into or out of Samoa.

19. Companies can be liquidated. There is also a straight forward striking-off procedure.

20. Documents can be Apostilled by the Chinese Embassy present in Samoa.