Georgia Forex License

Financial Jurisdiction - Introduction

National Bank of Georgia governs and grants allowance for companies that are interested in setting up personal or mutual funds. Currently, over 100 entities, composed of asset or portfolio management companies, have obtained relevant licensing under the Georgian authority. Via the aid of King Terry, we can immediately help you kick start your a local entity set up and licensing application as well as enjoy the benefits of tax equalization, and having your own regulated entity for acceptance of client funds for asset or portfolio investments.

Financial Jurisdiction - Governing Parameters

Acceptance of client money;

Provision of spot FX, CFD, commodities, indices for clients’ investment portfolio;

Provision of investment guidelines for endowment insurance or collective investment scheme

Issuance of bonds and financial consultation on financial investment;

Management of investment portfolio and money fund, including distribution, sales and repaying of bonds for co-invested projects. Nominal commitment/ planning asset ownership services and performance on other daily operation as allowed by Georgian authority. Receiving and remitting of client orders on securities, utilization of clientele funds and managing investment on behalf of client;

Maintain records and storage on security investments, retain registration information of individual investors/companies. Excerpts with regards to client investments should be readily available. Licensee can also provide custodian, hosting and nomination services;

Asses and regularly reassess assets under collective investment scheme and assets under endowment insurance;

Arrange and execute securities of issuer’s according to guarantor’s situation;

Communicate with custodians and other market participants in managing business assets and implementation of investment polices; safe guarding the interest of individual third parties

Within the specified timeline of the regulatory body, to submit operational reports of the company to company founders as well as regulatory body

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