BELIZE Forex License


KING TERRY specializes in obtaining a Forex License in Belize We assist to companies in obtain a Belize Forex license quickly, professionally and efficiently.

Our Practice

We offer a full package set-up for a Belize brokerage Forex license. We will assist you with every step of the way to ensure your confidence and trust. Our full package offered includes all mandatory requirements needed for a successful registration and renewal of an IFSC as well as for ongoing compliance with IFSC.

It is vital in finding the right team of experts to assist you in setting up a Belize IFSC Forex license in order for the process to run smoothly and efficiently.

Our consultants, lawyers and regulatory experts whom we work with in Belize, have vast experience and in-depth knowledge as well as a high success rate for registering and maintaining IFSC registrations for our clients.

We can assist you with

Belize Company Formation

Financial Services Commission (IFSC) Registration – Belize IFSC Forex License

Belize Financial Service license

Arranging a virtual office for your firm’s Physical Presence, including telephone and fax connections, as well as human resource (if necessary)

Appointment of Nominee Directors and Shareholdersfor the forex company (if required)

Assistance with opening Belize Merchant account for processing cards

Arranging your Accounting and Annual Returns Obligations

Assistance with Forex payment service provider (PSP)

Belize IFSC license is strongly recommended for a number of reason

Low cost license fee in comparison to other jurisdictions.

Option to open Belize offshore merchant account to the company

Belize IFSC license is considered as one of the more efficient forex regulated licenses.

It is well recognized by international banks, Payments providers, Platforms and financial institutions.

The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) is the regulatory body in Belize, responsible for the review and issuing of Belize forex licenses and regulation. The IFSC licenses are issued to financial companies which intend to engage in forex activity provided they meet certain criteria as required by the IFSC, this may include capital adequacy and fit and proper tests.

Many countries will not directly cater for Forex companies, rather they cover it under a blanket license alongside other financial services. Belize differs in that it has introduced a licensing legislation that is specifically aimed towards Forex-trading companies. A forex license in Belize may be obtained relatively quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Belize is considered to be a well-regulated jurisdiction that will satisfy international banks and payment service providers for account opening purposes.
The minimum paid up capital required for the Belize Forex license is USD 500,000. This sum should be deposited in a bank in Belize. (We assist with the opening of the bank account).
Belize is considered to be one of the more popular regulated brokerage options internationally available for setting up a forex and securities brokerage firm.

The Forex regulation in Belize can be used only for

Operating as a forex (or securities) brokerage firm.

Providing an online trading platform for your clients to make their own trades.

Providing related services for your clients to open their own trading accounts with your firm.

Providing additional full service brokerage options.

Please note that this would be a Forex (and/or securities) brokerage license only.

To learn more about setting up a forex license and registering a company in Belize, contact us today.