St. Vincent and the Grenadines – FX Broker Incorporation

An Excellent Starting Point

An SVG (St. Vincent and Grenadines) offshore company formation is a quick and cost effective way to launch your brokerage. Known for its privacy and tax advantages, St. Vincent is an excellent jurisdiction for new forex broker formations

Company incorporation/formation is an essential component of a newly launched brokerage. With many options to consider, it can often be a challenge to decide which offshore company formation is the best for your brokerage. Because the forex market is constantly changing, being held back by a drawn out registration process can incur significant costs in terms of lost business. It’s difficult enough to market and build a base of clients, making it important to carefully select an entity that allows your brokerage to quickly and efficiently get started.

Given the challenges startup brokerages face, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an option newly formed brokerages should look into. Consider just a few advantages:

Low Costs – An entity formation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the most cost effective incorporation options, allowing new brokers to get started on reasonable budget. The cost savings can be applied to other areas such as marketing, sales campaigns, or technology investments.

Speed of Formation – It only takes a few weeks to get both a registered entity and bank account. This makes it possible to launch the business quickly and efficiently.

Tax Advantages – Taxes do not need to be paid for the first 25 years. In addition, those who operate a St. Vincent IBC do not need to worry about estate tax, income tax, corporate taxes.

Just The Start – Registration in St. Vincent and the Grenadines should be viewed as a launching pad for further expansion and growth. As your brokerage grows in size, other jurisdictions can be explored.

Additional Advantages

Bank account can be included as part of the package

Only a single director is needed to start the company (IBC)

A physical presence in St. Vincent is not required; directors as well as shareholders can hold meetings anywhere in the world

No annual report needed

No set limit on share capital; only $1 needed to start

Non-resident shareholders are exempt from income, capital gains and corporate taxes in St. Vincent

Ability to list another company as the director

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