China Company Incorporation

Brief description

With its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), China has strengthened its roles of manufacturing base and consumer market, thus attracting ever greater attention from overseas investors considering China company formation.

Nevertheless, China is still a place with both opportunities and risks in the eyes of most investors due to factors such as political and cultural backgrounds.

In order to facilitate our clients’ needs to develop their business in China, King Terry established its office in Shenzhen and Beijing China years, which has brought us in-depth understanding of Chinese policies, economy, tax system and so on. Through our Chinese advisory group, we can provide practical and feasible proposals for investors regarding China company formation to minimize the future risks to our clients.

Our Services Include

01. Foreign Investment Manufacturing Enterprise

02. Foreign Investment Trading Enterprise

03. Foreign Representative Office

04. Foreign Investment Consulting Enterprise

05. Company Registration in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

06. CEPA Foreign Invested Enterprise

07. Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venturee

08. Sino-Foreign Co-operative Joint Venture

09. Transformation of “Processing & Assembly” Companies